Crystal Healing Course
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  • ​​​​​Over 50 video lessons in 8 modules to will excite & inspire you!  
  • Both educational & entertaining! Grounded in scientific research - but also diving deep into the spiritual and metaphysical realms.
  • Reveal a magical world all around you, just behind the veil of main-stream reality. Discover the potential of your crystal allies!
  • ​Access an ever-expanding crystals & ​mineral video library that deep dives into the meaning, properties, geology and how to use a particular crystal, stone / mineral.

Who is this course for?

  • New crystal lovers who want to use crystals and aren't sure how.
  • ​Healers & practitioners to deepen their confidence and connection to crystals.​
  • Become eligible to get certified as a Magicka Academy practitioner through our Internationally Accredited Crystal Practitioner Training series ! Start your own crystal healing practice - optional support packages include tools, community & access to our knowledgeable crystal educators.

crystal magicka - cRYSTAL HEALING COURSE
Enroll Today for 97% OFF!

What's Covered in our Crystal Course:

Module 1: From the Heart of the Earth​


  • How Crystals are Born - Geological Formation
  • Recipe of a Crystal: Elements & Minerals
  • The Magic Inside Crystals: Crystallography
  • Natural Crystal Shapes
  • Human Crafted Shapes
  • Crystal Color Magic
  • Crystal Inner Strength: The Moh's Hardness Scale
  • Not Just Shiny Rocks: Optical Properties of Crystals, Stones & Minerals

Module 2: Crystal Chronicles & Mysteries


  • Crystal Lore & Stories Around the World
  • Megalith Mysteries & Crystal Power

Module 3: Scientific Connections


  • Earth Science & Crystal Connections
  • Exploring our Crystalline Biology
  • Water Science & Crystal Connections
  • Sacred Geometry & Crystal Connections
  • Psychology & Crystal Connections
  • Quantum Possibilities & Crystal Connections
  • Crystals in Modern Medicine

Module 4: Choosing, Cleansing & Charging Your Crystals


  • The Resonance Factor: How Crystals Call to Us
  • Cleansing Your Crystals
  • Charging Your Crystals
  • Storing Your Crystals
  • ​Re-tuning Crystals Again & Again

Module 5: Healing Techniques with Crystals


  • The Power of Intention
  • Channeling Energy
  • Chakra Alignment
  • Advanced Chakra Techniques
  • ​Crystal Healing for Our Homes & Spaces
  • Crystal Elixirs
  • ​Crystal Jewelry for Healing
  • Crystal Grids

Module 6: Crystals, Stones & Minerals

Deep dive your knowledge into our ever expanding library of crystals, stones and minerals, we dedicate an entire video to each one!

  • Amethyst
  • ​Citrine
  • ​Obsidian
  • Rose Quartz
  • ​Lapis Lazuli

Module 7: Guided Crystal Meditations


  • Cleanse Your Crystal
  • ​Program Your Crystal

  • Rose Quartz Love Amplification
  • Citrine Abundance Meditation
  • Negative Energy Transmutation With Crystals

Module 8: Appendix of Crystal Tools


  • A-Z Crystal Composition and Meaning - Quick Guide
  • ​Crystal Selection Guide: A-Z for Every Need
  • Crystals Not Recommended for Water
  • Elements Within Crystals and Their Connection to Healing
  • Crystals That Fade In Sunlight
  • Academic References


 Literally the BEST course I have ever taken! This could be a Netflix documentary, the production value is SO high! 

- Samantha H.

 Incredibly knowledgeable... and interesting! Made me love crystals even more! 

- Amanda T.

 This $29 course - is worlds better than $1000 courses I have taken. The value is next-level.

- Sara C.

crystal magicka - cRYSTAL HEALING COURSE
Enroll Today for 97% OFF!

Meet Your Course Instructors

Heidi Rasmussen

For over 20 years, Heidi Rasmussen has been deeply immersed in both academic scientific research of holistic wellness and her own personal journey as a teacher and enthusiast of the mystical. Her teaching style is rooted in a scientific foundation, enhanced by her genuine love for simplifying complex concepts and connecting the dots of diverse realms.

After completing her degree in science in 2007, Heidi Rasmussen devoted both her professional and personal endeavors to exploring, educating, practicing, and teaching holistic and community-based wellness practices globally, including in Canada, Hawaii, Europe, Bali, and Mexico. Since 2010, Heidi has been passionately immersed in the field of digital education and entrepreneurship. She is co-founder of the Magicka Academy educational platform, designed to empower individuals by providing them with personal practice resources and professional development courses.

Shanti Faiia

We are so grateful to work with Shanti Faiia for the intuitively channeled "Guided Crystal Meditations" in this Magicka Academy Crystals & Crystal Healing Course.

​Shanti's intuitive healing abilities, coupled with her diverse training in yoga, breathwork, Yoga Nidra, Reiki, ThetaHealing®, and Qi Gong, reflect a deep commitment to personal and collective transformation. She brings a rich lineage of wisdom from her mentors, enriching her teachings with a blend of authenticity and profound spiritual insight. Beyond her spiritual endeavors, her background as a lawyer and human rights advocate, enriched by her multicultural upbringing and extensive global experiences, contributes to her holistic and empathetic approach to healing and personal development.

crystal magicka - cRYSTAL HEALING COURSE
Enroll Today for 97% OFF!

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