Crystal Magicka


Learn Crystal Healing!

Journey into the fascinating world of crystals & crystal healing!

  • This course teaches how crystals ACTUALLY work and how to work with them.
  • Over 50 video lessons, PDF downloads, expanded crystal content. 

Who is this course for?

  • ​New crystal lovers who want to use crystals and aren't sure how.
  • ​​ Healers & practitioners to deepen their confidence and connection to crystals and work towards certification.
  • Crystal enthusiasts who love to learn for the joy of learning.

Watch intro Video:

Learn more about this exciting course by watching our intro video:

Module 1: From the Heart of the Earth​

Let's take a look at the lessons contained in MODULE 1 of this course:

  • How Crystals are Born - Geological Formation
  • ​Recipe of a Crystal: Elements & Minerals
  • ​The Magic Inside Crystals: Crystallography
  • ​Natural Crystal Shapes & Healing
  • ​Human Crafted Shapes & Healing
  • ​Crystal Color Magic & Healing Powers
  • ​Crystal Inner Strength: The Moh's Hardness Scale
  • ​Not Just Shiny Rocks: Optical Properties
  • Bringing It All Together

Module 2: Crystal Chronicles & Mysteries

Module 2 lessons:

  • Crystal Lore & Stories Around the World
  • Megalith Mysteries & Crystal Power

Module 3: Scientific Connections

Module 3 lessons:

  • Earth Science & Crystal Connections
  • Exploring our Crystalline Biology
  • Water Science & Crystal Connections
  • ​Sacred Geometry & Crystal Connections
  • ​Psychology & Crystal Connections
  • ​Quantum Possibilities & Crystal Connections
  • ​Crystals in Modern Medicine

Module 4: Choosing, Cleansing & Charging Your Crystals

Module 4 lessons:

  • The Resonance Factor: How Crystals Call to Us
  • Cleansing Your Crystals
  • Charging Your Crystals
  • Storing Your Crystals
  • ​Re-tuning Crystals Again & Again

Module 5: Healing Techniques with Crystals

Module 5 lessons:

  • The Power of Intention
  • Channeling Energy
  • Chakra Alignment
  • Advanced Chakra Techniques
  • ​Crystal Healing for Our Homes & Spaces
  • Crystal Elixirs
  • ​Crystal Jewelry for Healing
  • Crystal Grids

Module 6: Crystals, Stones & Minerals

Dive into Crystals, Stones, Minerals & their Meanings!​ Including such crystals as Amethyst, Obsidian, Citrine, Quartz & more! And later, expand your knowledge even further with our optional crystal, stones & mineral mastery workshop upgrade.

Module 7: Guided Crystal Meditations

Tune in, align to and connect with your crystals.

  • Cleanse Your Crystal
  • ​Program Your Crystal
  • ​Rose Quartz Love Amplification
  • ​Citrine Abundance Meditation
  • ​Negative Energy Transmutation With Crystals

Module 8: Appendix of Crystal Tools

  • A-Z Crystal Composition and Meaning - Quick Guide
  • ​Crystal Selection Guide: A-Z for Every Need
  • Crystals Not Recommended for Water
  • Elements Within Crystals and Their Connection to Healing
  • Crystals That Fade In Sunlight
  • Academic References


What our Students are Saying:

"Not just a Course... an Experience!"

Literally the BEST course I have ever taken! Nothing else is even in the ballpark. This could actually be a Netflix series and it'd be a hit!


"On my 3rd Watch!"

It's so entertaining, and so interesting, I'm re-watching it for the third time with my 8 year old daughter, she is fascinated too!


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